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ON TOUR IN 2017!
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Thank You for checking out the website! Robin H.M. is an Award winning, Guinness World Record Breaking Tattoo Artist. A Master Tattoo Artist even, with 19 years experience. Focused on style diversity and beautiful artwork. A true Ink Master in her own right. Just check out her Tattoo Portfolio and see for yourself. 
   Robin is the Owner and Operator of "World Famous" 546 Tattoo Studios in Sandusky, OH. Also, she is preparing for a convention tour in 2016. 
   Weather it be a portrait, traditional work, new school, lettering, color, black and gray, cover-ups, scar cover tattoos, custom design, flash pieces, you name it... she just might be the artist you've been looking for.
   Some know her as "the Queen of Cover-ups", for her ability to transform your Tattoo Nightmare into a beautiful piece of art you will NEVER be ashamed or embarrassed by again. She has also been called "The Legend", due to a combination of the cover-ups, scar covers, breaking a World Record, and doing the tattoos that others have said could not be done.
   For Robin, it truly is all about the art and the person. In her words, "I don't really have clients, it's more like an extended tattoo family. I am honored by anyone who allows me to bring my artwork to life. I am truly thankful for that. Any time I'm working with someone that is a piece of me, my life, my heart and soul they will walk away with... I better make it worth it and give them all I have to give." For more information on Robin check out the "About ME" section, and you don't want to miss her "Gallery"!


   Photos of Robin by Pam Johnston Photography.

Loretta Lynn
Mrs. Leroy Brown
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